RLT Classroom MIS

RLT Classroom MIS 2.1

Every school needs classrooms,every school needs to manage them...

Every school needs classrooms,every school needs to manage them efficiently. The RLT Classroom MIS is designed to be the fastest, most efficient, and affordable classroom database magenement system.

It is the best assistant of school administration staff. It is developed with C++ language, and based on SQL Server database. It has integrated many mangagers` experiences,and has been praticed for serveral years.

It is a general management information system. It is a built-in Client/Server and muti-user software. Features: -It provides electron storage of all classroom arrangement information.

-It provides free and easy mangement means for allocating classrooms for occasional request and long-term using. The routine management is controlled by intuitionistic school calendar,that is advanced.

-User can set periods and classroom information at will. -User can breezily exchange classrooms for exams or other especial activity with wizard.

-No limited amount users can run this system for a sole database at the same time in intranat. -User can backup and restore at any time,system gives strong security for user data.

-Detail classroom using log,user can print receipt and recheck the work of any past time. -It allows user to customize classroom arrangemnt gather report ,and print the report freely.

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